About Unicla International

Company History

Unicla International Pte Ltd  started out from  humble beginnings at  an  old shop  house along Serangoon Road  where  our Tat Ee Engineering Works was established. Tat Ee Engineering Works used to be just a small workshop manufacturing air conditioning pulley  for  automotive. Over the years, the  company has grown to be one of the leading stocklist  and wholesaler for automotive air conditioning parts and accessories in Singapore.

Today, with Unicla International Pte Ltd  as  the headquarter,   we  are now  an authorized  stocklist for  many leading brands. Hence  we  are able to offer a full complete range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products for all your automobile needs.

Company Profile

Unicla  International  Pte  Ltd is  generally known to  be the  leading  specialist  for  the  provision of Original, OEM or Replacement parts in the automobile air conditioning and accessories Industry.

Today, we are able to supply our customers not only with original and OEM but also replacement parts (UTS brand) for all types of  new or  used  cars. With vast  experience accumulated in the automotive  industry, Unicla International Pte Ltd, hence formed a subsidiary company UTS Automotive. Tapping onto the extensive resources from our strategic alliances with top brands around the world, now UTS Automotive is widely known to be  the leading specialist for the provision of automotive parts and accessories.


Our Commitment towards Excellence

Service, Operations & Quality

  • Providing the best to our customers and guarantees satisfied customer everytime
  • Following strict work processes to ensure products are of the best standards
  • Meet and even exceed expectations of our customers by industry standard

With vast experience in the industry, Unicla International recognises the importance of our commitment towards excellence. We would go beyond meeting customer's needs. We source only reliable partners and conduct stringent testing before bringing to you. Our customers can now be assured of top standards in service, operations and quality.


Unicla International offers a wide range of automotive accessories and air conditioning parts in today's automotive aftermarket industry. Currently, we carry parts and accessories from European and US models to all Japanese and Koreans automobiles. We put our utmost effort in ensuring that our stock list is always ahead of the competition.