Spark Plug

BOSCH Fusion


Bosch Platinum-Iridium Fusion

Ultimate Performance and Longest Service Life: Unique combination of heat fused platinum-iridium center electrode and surface gap firing technology delivers most powerful spark for maximum horsepower.


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Platinum - Ultimate Performance & Longest Life


Four Yttrium enhanced ground electrodes

  • Optimum combustion of fuel Fusion


Easier Starting

  • The Fusion plug voltage requirements increase at a slower rate over time, allowing more consistent starting in hot and cold weather vs. competitor plugs.


Longest Service Life

  • Four Yttrium enhanced ground electrodes for optimum access to the air/fuel mixture.


Maximum Power, Ultimate Performance and Acceleration

  • Uniquely heat fused Platinum and Iridium centre electrode produces a powerful spark ensuring complete combustion.

BOSCH Platinum

Platinum Plus

Bosch Platinum Plus

Premium Performance and Excellent Value: Surpassing original equipment specifications, the Bosch-unique pure platinum center electrode and the yttrium enhanced ground electrode provide increased fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration, maximum durability and engine protection.


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Platinum - Performance & Longer Life


0.3mm Diameter Pure Platinum Centre Electrode

  • Better performance
  • Better ignitability
  • Reduction in required voltage


Centre Electrode Diameter Comparison

  • The electric field is concentrated across a smaller surface area enabling sparking to occur at a lower voltage, resulting in reliable combustion with improved engine starting and acceleration.


Longer Service Life

  • Pure Platinum centre electrode gives a 25% longer service life over Super Plus.


Increased Fuel Efficiency, Smoother Idling' and Acceleration

  • Heavy duty tapered electrode for reduced electrode temperature, and improved access to air & fuel mixture.


Super Plus

Bosch Super Plus

Reliable Performance and True Value for Money: With 50% longer service life compared to OE spark plugs, the Bosch Super Plus with yttrium enhanced center electrode provides reliable starting and reduced fuel consumption.


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Superior to all standard spark plugs


Pointed Ground Electrode.

  • Increased ignition reliability due to faster flash-over of the spark and ignition of the air-fuel mixture.


Electrode Wear

  • Proven in endurance and severity tests. Yttrium electrodes exhibit less wear than electrodes without Yttrium. Endurance tested over 90,000km with the same engine.


Long Service Life

  • Yttrium enhanced centre electrode gives 50% longer service life over standard copper core spark plugs.


Improved Performance

  • Uniquely shaped, profiled ground electrode improves egnition performance, fuel saving and reduces harmful emissions.