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eco cover


Eco packaging


Bosch ECO wiper blades combine high quality and low cost for an economical alternative to refills. Combining the Quick-Clip connector system for easy installation, rivet joins for increased stability and a new formulation natural rubber for high durability, ECO will provide a safer and easier solution than refills.


Unique Features 
Due to the low cost of the wiper blade and the durability of the rubber, ECO are non-refillable as the wiper blades have a longer life than refills. This makes them a safe and economical choice


High Wiping Performance for Safe Driving 
50% increase in wiping performance versus refill replacement Precision cut natural rubber wiping edge


Long Life 
Full metal frame construction


Easy Installation
Easier to fit than refills due to the patented Quick-Clip connector system



BOSCH Aerofit





Safe, Secure, Easy to install

Double locking safety mechanism to keep your blade secured and 1-step to install


Reliable performance for clear visibility at high speeds and adverse weathers

As pressure is evenly distributed along the entire wiper blade via Bosch Flat Blade Technology, the in-built symmetrical wind spoiler which uses airflow to keep the blade close to the windscreen ensures a thorough wipe for your clear visibility on the road


Excellent Value for Money 

Long service life, reduced wind noise and fewer problems with insects and stubborn dirt removal with constant wiping force distribution on windscreen





BOSCH Aerotwin

aerotwin cover


AeroTwin packaging


Ultimate Wiping Performance, Maximum Safety

Integrated Aerowind spoiler design creates maximum blade down force even at high speeds and under critical conditions.

Longest Life
Bracketless construction with even distribution of the force combined with Bosch Twin Rubber Technology provides a 20% improvement in service life compared to conventional wiper blades.

Smooth Quiet Operation
The fully synthetic Bosch Twin Rubber technology wipes chatter free.

Easy Installation
Patented Quick-Clip connector system for easy & fast installation.



BOSCH Multiclip



Aerotwin is always dependable even at high speeds: Perfect visibility is guaranteed by the aerodynamic design – whatever the weather conditions. Included in the multi-clip range is the Aerotwin with pre-assembled Multi-Clip adapter. Quick and easy to fit.


Top quality wiper action

High-tech spring strip and aerodynamically optimized profile for perfect wiping over the full area


Greater driving comfort

-Reduced surface area minimizes wind noise

-Better equipped for winter conditions, as ice can no longer form on the metal frame and joints

-Straight forward wiper blade replacement thanks to pre-assembled Multi-Clip adapter - suitable for the most important wiper arm connections


Innovative design

Intergated aerodynamic spoiler


Longer service life

-Uniform contact pressure spreads wear evenly

-Fewer problems with insects and stubborn dirt






BOSCH Aerotwin Plus



aerotwin plus


Bosch Aerotwin Plus is a top of the range wiper blade that will enhance visibility in all weather conditions. With its patented coating, longer service life and gentle wiper action, the Aerotwin Plus offers optimum wiper performance, every day.


Perfect wiper performance

Power Protection Plus optimises wiper blade performance throughout the service life of the wiper blade - without leaving streaks or deposits on the windscreen of the vehicle.


Longer service life

Power Protection Plus makes the wiper blade element lip incredibly robust and resistant, as well as increasing its service life. Even extreme heat or cold will have little effect on the wiper blade


Gentle wiper action

Power Protection Plus reduces the co-efficient of friction of the material to a minimum. This means hardly any running noise, no shaking and no shudder whether the driver's windscreen is wet or dry.


Each Aerotwin Plus wiper blade comes complete with four adapters required to fit ten common wiper arms seen on European and Asian vehicle fitted with flat blades, Bosch's unique adapter system is simple to use and can be adapted for future requirements.


With fifteen lengths, and covering ten different wiper blade arms, the new Aerotwin Plus range, with Power Protection Plus "PPP" rubber provides perfect wiper performance, long service life and gentle wiper action.